2015 General Elections in Nigeria: A Timetable of Hope?

by Rev. Uche Dr. Obodoechina

February 14th and 28th 2015 have been earmarked and released by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) as the dates for the Presidential and National Assembly elections and the Gubernatorial and State Assembly elections respectively. Before and since after, the timetable has been released, Nigerian have been restless in speculating about the said elections.

Many questions have been raised as to who goes where and who contexts what. The crisis in the ruling party -PDP at all levels deepens as many of its highly placed members at the National Assembly decamp ceremoniously to APC. Whether their seats at the National Assembly are to be declared vacant or not remains a matter for the court to resolve.

Important is the fact that APC has built the majority in the House of Representatives with a PDP Chief Speaker. The situation presents us with a new reality in our national politics namely the active presence of an opposition party, drawn from among former colleagues of the same political party and under the very nose of their former Grand master in the PDP.

It is like a house divided against itself. The rest of Nigerian are watching the developments with keen interest. Yet the scenario is not a funny one even as the Governors Forum literally forces the President to show the National Chairman of the ruling party the way out of power, if his dream for a second term in office is to see the light of the day among the Governors.

Like a sheep being led to the slaughter the embattled President had no option than to succumb to the pressures of the Governors or hit his nose on the ground and bury in the sand his second term ambitions permanently. But ambitions to power are not given up that way in Nigeria. People continue to stick to power and its ambitions until irrelevance, sickness or sudden death strikes them out of office unprepared.

2015 general election is therefore a crucial one in our political history. And it demands your total commitment, no more no less. It will be suicidal to think otherwise or remain on the fence. The February 14th and 28th 2015 timetable by INEC is a timely one that demands our collective involvement in the gamut of activities that are capable of ushering in a new and a transformed Nigerian society.

On the part of the Duty-Bearers already in government; the various political stakeholders, the elected and appointed Representatives of the people, men and women occupying different portfolios and responsibilities in Politics and in the Economy, the time till the day of election is one of Accountability before the people's parliament.

That is to say, whether the present political office holders wish to context elections again or not, they are to give account of their stewardship before the people for whose mandate they enjoyed. For fresh political office aspirants, the time is ripe for your political agenda for the people and your strategies for the realization of such dreams.

It is not enough to desire to rule; it must be justified Accountability Forum therefore will be organized at various levels of our society, to listen to the stories of our sons and daughters already in government; whether they served the people or themselves. And to ask questions about the ambitions of fresh political office seekers in their loud desires to serve the people.

On the part of the people, a new day has dawned, and a new opportunity has come; it is a time to vote again for our leaders; a time for a fresh mandate. Indifference in political matters has always been the bane of ourpolitical experience. Good people are afraid to sanitize the soap box of politics yet they are unprepared to bear the lapses of a corrupt government that emerges therefrom.

Today is the new day for a change of the situation. We must brace up with all the programmes leading to credible elections designed by INEC to change the statusquo. Get involved today and the political situation in our land makes a dramatic U-turn for the better!

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