Ascending the Throne of Power!

by Rev. Uche Dr. Obodoechina

Yes, 29th May is Democracy Day in Nigeria. It is the day all Nigerian look forward to see and assess how democracy has faired among us. 29th May 2015 is spectacular. It marks a turning point in Nigeria's democratic history. It has never happened before in Nigeria that a ruling party was defeated in a general election.

It has also never happened that such ruling party conceded power to the party that triumphed at the polls. The 2015 general election in Nigeria witnessed a landslide victory for All Progressive Congress (APC) against the ruling party, -Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) at the centre and in most states of the federation. And so history is being made in Nigeria today.

As it were, Nigerians are witnessing a transition with a difference. However, APC did not win all the seats in all the states of the federation, but they won the majority of the seats at both lower and upper chambers of the national assembly. There are still some states especially in the south East that retained their PDP foothold. Enugu state is an example of such states.

By the official handover of the mantle of leadership, from the old to the new, the new crop of leaders across the nation will be ascending the throne of power. They would be Sworn- in into their various offices with the firm promises to the people of doing their best in service of God and humanity. The swearing -in -ceremonies of people called to service is always a thing of great significance.

Duty bearers to the people make promises and ask the assistance of God, to help them in the implementation of such promises. The people themselves witness these ceremonies with great expectations. How I wish the leaders who make promises to the people remember their very words of promises days and months after the swearing-in-ceremonies.

It is our experience that Nigerian leaders have very poor memories when they ascend to the throne of power. They forget quickly their own very backgrounds. They forget also their election- and campaign promises to the people. They behave as if they are descending from the moon. There is no wonder Nigerians do not believe their leaders when they begin to make promises with both corners of the mouth.

Is it surprising therefore, that people sell their votes for immediate cash? People know that the politicians will never remember them when they eventually ascend to the throne of power. What a perfidy? But let it be said loudly, that ascending the throne of power is not for its own sake. It is for the sake of the people. When leaders ascend the throne of power, they commit themselves to service to the people.

The power the leaders seek should always be the power to serve. It should be the power to do good to the people. And so ascending the throne of power is to render services to the people. It is therefore important that leaders at all strata of government who are bracing up for the hand-over exercise must once more think about their mission at the corridors of state powers.

If the mission is not total and committed service to the people, for whose purposes the statecraft was established, let the power seekers surrender the mandate of the people. It is on record that in the last political dispensation, leaders who served their people are being honoured, remembered and appreciated.

Even if they are dead today, their works and services to the people remain evergreen in the memories of history. But for those charlatans and brigands who squandered their lives and the resources of the people, those self-serving politicians who forgot their backgrounds and promises to the people, their heads are bowed In shame. Their names will command no respect and their memories among men will fade in the annals of history!

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