By Rev. Fr. Eze Matthew O.

Every Cathedral Church is the headquarter of any Diocese. It is in fact, the only church that houses the seat of the BishOp of a Diocese. For some years now, the entire people of Nsukka have been Struggling to erect a befitting edifice that could stand the test of ages. Apart from being a befitting place of worship, St. Theresa's Cathedral church is no doubt one of the cathedral churches with unique sophisticated architectural design that would definitely attract tourists to Nsukka. This magnanimous structure which can accommodate more than ten thousand people was started by the Bishop Emeritus Nsukka Diocese, Most Rev. Dr. Francis Ogbonnaya Okobo. Bishop Okobo applied every zeal and energy in the building of the Cathedral Church. In the same vein, and following the lane of his predecessor, Most Rev. Godfrey Igwebuike Onah since his consecration as the second bishop of Nsukka Diocese has made the completion of the cathedral a priority. Though with scarce and limited resource, he has been able to consolidate and fortify the foundation and the roofing system.

Before the just concluded cathedraticum of the diocese, the prelate stated that every support garnered from the celebration will be channeled for the building of the Cathedral Church. In fact, for quite some time now, massive work has been going on in the Cathedral Church. Speaking with one of the committee members in charge of the project, Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Ogbu gave details of the present state and stage of work going on in the Diocese and What the committee members have done so far. "The work progress in the Cathedral is very encouraging. First, we tried to do a visibility study of what is remaining in the Cathedral. And as it stands now, everything that is to be done to bring the Project to a logical conclusion has been reduced to paper and we now have a clearer picture of where we are going. Secondly,we tried to access other wonderful Churches/edifices around the country and having seen and studied what's existing, we are bent on taking another level in the work, especially the finishing.

Again, we employed the assistance of best workmen from the evidence ofwhat they have done so far around the world." He informed our newsmen that presently that they are in the implementation stage. According to him, the installation of glasses is still 0n and many have been installed already. Again, they are working on the cathedral tower and have signed the contract of the POP ceiling with drawing and canvas. More so, the quotation for the hand rails (both inside and outside) is ready and waiting for the stage for installation. He informed also that the ironí scaffold for the Ceiling work is still on. On another development, the electrical piping and wiring (for the Ceiling and other areas) with diagram is on and the iron noggings for the ceiling work is also in progress. When asked about the major challenges that the committee is facing, Fr. Emmanuel Ogbu noted that insufficient fund is one of the major challenges. But he stated that the Bishop is doing everything possible to pull the project through. On the issue of delivery and execution of some aspects of the project, he said that most of them will take relatively long time. " Most of the work's take time. Like the POP and painting that willíbe in it will take a minimum of 5 months and some other works can't go at the same time with it.

Much as we thank our Father Bishop in this project of high magnitude, our brothers and sisters every where are called to join hands together and support the building this edifice of worship. This project according to some people, should be a project of concern for everyone and together we shall complete it and look forward to its dedication.


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