Celebrating a Success: Ekiti Example!

by Rev. Uche Dr. Obodoechina

What is a political success? What does a politician consider as succesful in the context of his or her politicking? What does the electorate also consider as success in the context of it political experiences? The answers are different. But success is success. It is known when somebody succeeds or fails.

There are signs and symbols that make success evident. We cannot just wish success into being. Success presupposes some work. It is very clear that one does not succeed in an endeavour without some work. Though some wish to succeed without some work but the result is not always what one expects.

Success in whatever one does is a desire. Everyone wants to succeed. There is the desire in the hearts of all men and women to succeed in whatever goals one has set for oneself. And there is no life without some set goals. Neither is life also liveable without some goals set in view.

It is therefore wonderful when one sets one's goals and succeeds. One would say that nothing succeeds as success. When one succeeds there is the need to celebrate the success. Celebrating success is a step to other successes.

It was a celebration of success in Ekiti state last week. The context was the gubernatorial election between the incumbent Governor of Ekiti state Dr. Kayode Fayemi of APC and Mr. Ayodele Fayose of PDP. It was the success of the people of Ekiti state. It was also the success of Ayodele Fayose.

The people of Ekiti state demonstrated unflinching support of Fayose and Fayose emerged the governor elect. It was history made, for Fayose to defeat an incumbent governor. And it was the collective decision of the people to support such a grass-root person who stands and sits with the people. It was a dream come true.

It was not a matter of party or such sentiments. It was about the person and style of leadership of Fayose. Fayose has been tested and now trusted more. Ekiti people have given their mandate. It was also a success for Fayose. He believed and relied on his people. He has served them well before. The people know what they want.

They can make simple comparisms between theory and practice. Let it said that the Ekiti experience is an example for all of us. The people of Ekiti state has made its decisions. They have succeeded in carrying out their plans. They have course to celebrate. Fayose himself has succeeded. He too must celebrate.

As he does this, he sets plans for the continuation of his good works. Fayose cannot afford to disappoint Ekiti people. The reward for a work well done is always more work. Fayose has got more work. The confidence of the people cannot be dashed to the winds. He must respect the peoples mandate in good works.

The lesson from Ekiti experience is obvious. Power belongs the people. There is a reward for every good work. The greatest power lies in service. Dr. Kayode also served. He the incumbent governor showed an unusual spirit of sportsmanship. He congratulated the governor elect. That gesture was exemplary.

Let the politicians in our own context take note that 'service to the people' is the parameter to measure the success of a politician. It is not the volume of your pocket that determines your success in politics. Neither is it your power of oratory and sophistry that determine your popularity among the people.

Remember empty vessels make the greatest noise. It is rather the volume of good works you have been able to do or you are able to do for your people. Your success therefore is the service to the people. And when you have served, the people cannot but celebrate with you. The die is cast!

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