Count-Down on Party Primaries ... ?

by Rev. Uche Dr. Obodoechina

September 14th 2013 is the date for the Peoples Democratic Party primaries for the Local Government Council Chairmen in the state. It will be remembered that two years is the duration of a term in the local government set up.

And most of the current chairmen in the state have served and completed their two terms; hence the need to change the baton. Yet it is important to ask about the stewardship of the current chairmen and their cohorts before they finally step down from office.

It is important to invite them to the peoples accountability forum for stock-taking. However, it should be borne in mind that the Local Government is the government at the grass- root.

It is the government most near to the people, a government of the people indeed. In fact it is a government designed to feel the pulse of a people and to respond to their urgent needs as such.

Like all other tiers of government in Nigeria, the local government of our experience is not functional. The processes of democracy are not operational. For instance, the rule of law, transparency in matters of public fund and vision for the future are largely in short supply.

The local government councils have remained a corrupt set up, grossly ineffective in translating the ideals of democracy to the concrete needs of the people.

Instead of a crop of dedicated and selfless leaders, we have had an organized network of thieves among the past and present leaders of the councils. We have political hawks who are not accountable to the people, yet they parade themselves as distinguished mayors of councils.

Yet the time is again around the corner for the POP juggernauts to select as usual in their party primaries another set of brigands, like their forefathers in office to continue the disservice to the people.

Unfortunately, there is no other political party capable of staging a battle with the one-party system we operate in Enugu state in a given democracy. As a result, political profligacy and licentiousness are on the increase.

Yet the end has not come. It is possible today to deceive a people. But it is not possible to deceive them all the time. And that is our hope and prayers. People who are 110t empowered today will not remain the same tomorrow.

Neither is the ignorance that darkens their visions to remain forever without the light of enlightenment and wisdom.

In fact, 'a time comes, and the time is also around the corner, (with the awareness of the rights that are ours, and with our feet firm on the ground and our voices loud in protests), when the politicians of this country will be made to face the judgment seat of the people. They will be made to realize that a stich in time saves nine.

It is hoped that the people will not continue to be ignorant or continue to live at the barest minimum forever. A Daniel will certainly come to judgment and the scenario will take a different shape. The experience of the Arab spring is an example we dare not forget!

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