Deadly Job Hunt?

by Rev. Uche Dr. Obodoechina

Our country Nigeria is turning into something else. I do not know where we are heading to. Is it that we are ignorant or mischievous? We do not seem to have much regard for life and especially the life of others. As a result, the volume of human blood we tarnish on a daily basis is unbelievable. Let us take a look at the carnage that is going on unchecked in our society. First and foremost, look at the volume of killings by the Boko Haram insurgence in several parts of the country.

Look at the daily recklessness on our roads that result in one loss of life or the other. Look at the killings by armed bandits here and there in the country. It belongs to our daily society life experience to hear a number of deaths by armed robbers in most states of our country. Look at the several deaths in our hospitals and clinics occasioned by one act of carelessness or professional ignorance.

Look at the volume of abortions and 0 and Cs, among our girls and ladies in Chemist shops and hospitals. Look at the several cases of conflicts and violence in our homes that result in man slaughter. Of course, the volume of domestic violence in our society has doubled in size and frequency. And look at the most recent death of over 20 Nigerian young men and women stampeded to death while in search of a non-existent job opportunity by the Nigerian Immigration Services. The list of our woes is endless!

In the midst of all these, people go about their daily business, believing that the victims are dead and gone, and our own life is safe and it goes on. We do not seem to see the impoverishments of the quality of our own life in the life of others that are recklessly lost. We presume that we are probably not going their way. It is not our portion, we would like to pray and believe. And therefore we do nothing against such ugly scenarios in our life value systems.

As a result, we pay deaf ear to all campaigns for life. We fail to appreciate the full sacredness of human life and our collective obligations to preserve the life of even the least among us. We do not seem to believe that the life of others is God-given and therefore inviolable. But the truth remains that the quality of own life diminishes by the death of others.

We cannot enjoy the full measure of our own life if by our actions or in-actions, we aid or abet, directly or indirectly the loss of others' lives. We are called to enhance our life and that of others and not to maime and destroy them. We are answerable to God for what we do with our life and that of others around us.

It was a right course in the proper direction, the several protest-marches and demonstrations across the country, especially the one done by the Nigerian Labour Congress, demonstrating the disapproval of the ineptitude in management by the Nigerian Immigration Services, and demanding forthwith the immediate dismissal of the Interior Minister, who was only interested in extorting the already impoverished applicants, rather than offering job opportunities to such a mammoth crowd.

Let the death of these 20 young men and women be the last of such a travesty in public service in Nigeria. Let the management of Nigeria Immigration Services become more conscious of its obligation to serve life and not files. And finally, let the presidential summon of the leaders of the Interior Ministry to Aso Villa, not be a political window-dressing, designed to placate the agitated parents of the victims and the entire Nigerian populace. Enough is enough!

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