Eha-Alumona Deanery (12 Parishes)

S/No. Name of Parish Priest(s)-in-Charge
1. St. Mary's Parish, Eha-Alumona Rev. Fr. Thaddeus Ezema
Rev. Fr. Robert Ugwuogo
2. St. Paul's Parish, Ede Oballa Rev. Fr. Brendan Obasi
Rev. Msgr. Emmanuel C. Ugwu (Residence)
3. St. Charles' Parish, Opi Rev. Fr. Oliver Onyebuchi Ugwu
Rev. Fr. Thomas Onuh
Rev. BenCollins Okwesili
4. St. Charles' Parish, Eha Ndiagu Rev. Fr. Thaddeus Ukwueze
5. St. Theresa's Parish, Breme Rev. Fr. Oliver Ozioko
6. St. Patrick's Parish, Opi Agu Rev. Fr. Collins Ide
7. St. Michael's Parish,
Agbamere, Eha-Alumona
Rev. Fr. Ambrose Azegba
8. St. Patrick's Parish, Idi Opi Rev. Fr. Raphael Anene Onaa
Rev. Fr. Felix Oketah (Residence)
9. Immaculate Heart Parish, Eha-Alumona Rev. Fr. Gabriel Otegbulu
Rev. Fr. Charles Obule
10. St. Paul's Parish, Umuabor Eha-Alumona Rev. Fr. Meletus Idogwu
11. St. John's Parish, Ubabari Ede-Oballa Rev. Fr. Cosmas Udegha
New parish
12. St. Augustine Owerre Ede-Oballa Rev. Fr. Stephen Agbomma


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