Election 2015: Our Hopes and Fears

The wind, no doubt has started to blow heavily and the cloud started to gather again! Every street and highways are greeted with different sizes of billboards with different images. Some with faces beaming with smiles suggesting genuine and unpretentious hope for the masses and some with hands raised as if saying hurray hurray, victory belongs to us and our descendants.

Every junction, tree, fence, uncompleted building, packed damaged cars and lorries are now adorned and decorated with posters of different kinds of graphic designs. Every Radio Station and TV Station blaze with continuous announcements and campaign information recounting what somebody either did in the past or will do in the future.

These new development did not leave out sharing of foodstuff and condiments for those who are interested in the wind of the moment. Every now and then, mammoth crowds assemble in different fields and uniting centers coordinating rallies, meetings and discussions. What is this all about? ELECTION 2015!

As this entire buzz go on and on, the poor men and women of our country stand confuse with weary eyes soaked with tears, pain, surprise, disappointment, amazement, astonishment, regret with mouths agape and hands akimbo watching tactically and carefully over a system of life and a system of government that has failed the majority.

Every common man or woman asks; will election 2015 feed our stomach? Quench our thirst? Enable and enhance easy movement? Provide meagre amenities of life? Guarantee reasonable security and education of our children? They are fed up with hearing the same old stories such as; "just get me elected, and I will provide everything for you, your children and your up-coming generation."

The same old junk everyday? Fairytales? Old wives tales? They hiss, murmur and silently echo, "relics of a by-gone age!" They are over-burdened and hyper-laddened with magnified mixed feelings. Shall we vote again or allow the protracted madness to continue? Shall we give out our consent once more whereas....?

But they pause each time they remember the duty which they owe to their country, when they recite the National Anthem, the Pledge and gaze at their Coat of Arm, they are forced to go in, dust their files, pick up their voters card to exercise their electoral rights over the ballot box. And each time they cast their vote, they express their hope and trust upon the candidature irrespective of the past.

Because they believe and trust in God, they still see tinctures of hope ahead of them hence they try to bury the hatchet which only reminds them of the agony they went through. Their hope is built by their faith that it shall be well yet their fear is cushioned and energized by the uncertainty of human nature that most times breeds greediness and flagrant pomposity to the detriment of the poor in the society.

As we pray for a peaceful election and watch our political leaders rotate/change from one political office/seat to another, let us remind ourselves that the credibility of any office is determined by the quality of positive service it renders to her people.

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