Election 2015 Result Acceptance: An Example To Follow

by Rev. Uche Dr. Obodoechina

The 2015 Presidential General Election has come but not gone because the outcome of the election is still reverberating. For so many people in Nigeria the result of the presidential election is historic in many ways and shall remain indelible in the minds of our people. Most importantly and of remarkable consideration is the speech of President Goodluck Jonathan after the tremendous defeat by the new president-elect.

Many people from different parts of the world have shown reasonable sense of gratitude to Mr. President over the wonderful defeat-acceptance speech. Really he kept his word. He promised Nigerians a free and fair election. Whether this was achieved or nearly achieved but for a sitting and ruling president who is the Chief of the Federation to accept defeat as a sitting President is a great lesson for any person who mean good for Nigeria as a democratic entity. It is a sign of a new dawn and possibly for some political analysts the beginning of Democracy in Nigeria.

Even before the election, there were so many challenges that faced Mr. President that made a political research group, Eurasia to present its analysis of the 2015 presidential election. In that assessment Eurasia tipped President Goodluck Jonathan for a narrow victory over Muhammadu Buhari and said: "We lower our probability of President Jonathan's re-election as an energized Buhari campaign gains momentum in swing regions".

The assessment observed that the issues of weak security and corruption will play to Buhari's advantage etc. Well, whether any of these contributed to his failure in 2015 Presidential race, his acceptance and encouraging words is indeed an example to follow.

In this part of the world, there are a lot of people who are not ready in any way to accept defeat even when it is glaringly clear that they failed. People in this cadre will do anything possible to wangle their way through no matter what it may cost. If it means betrayal, killing, denial, conspiring, denouncing or assassinating provided they hold tight to what they believe should be theirs. Such negative approaches to life are improper and should be discouraged at any level. If people are aware that the votes of the masses count, it will be a watchdog to anybody who is serving the public hence, the beginning of Democracy in Nigeria.

In this period of Easter, we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Easter means to live with a sense of newness. Just as the return of spring lifts our spirits and makes us feel like the whole world is new, the Resurrection of Jesus makes "all things new." (Rev. 21:5) The Easter spirit is a spirit of renewal that enables us to show up at work with a positive attitude, to renew relationships that have been taken for granted, and to express appreciation and affection to those closest to us.

It means to see the world through new eyes - God's eyes. We can use these days to cultivate an Easter spirit that enables us to be truly Christian: embracing joy, living without fear, and seeing the world again as if for the first time. Happy Easter!

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