Facing the Peoples Accountability Forum!

by Rev. Uche Dr. Obodoechina

The Political Enlightenment Commission of the Catholic Diocese of Nsukka in one of its political programmes for the year, organizes an Accountability Forum for the serving political office holders and the aspiring political office seekers for 2015 general elections from Nsukka extraction. The date is Saturday November 8, 2014 at 10am at the Podium of Conversation of the Cathedral Secretariat complex Nsukka.

It is a people's parliament, where the people of Nsukka are to assemble to write and mark the score cards of their representatives in government. The whole people of Nsukka are being invited to this great encounter. The political officer holders would have the onus to give an account of their stewardship all these years. They would have to evidence how they represented the people in their various capacities.

It is expected also that those who are aspiring to political offices come 2015 general elections would also lay the cat out of the bag. They would have to tell the people their motivations for seeking leadership positions. Apart therefrom, political office seekers come 2015 would have to lay bare in concrete terms their strategies for such agenda. That is to say, they would tell the people how they will be able to realize their dreams. They are to show concrete and strategic plans for the results of their promises. The reason is simple.

Nigerian politicians are sweet-mouthed. They are good at making empty political promises while seeking public support. As soon as they get into the corridors of power, the electorates become little or nothing. As a result of this experience, there is massive loss of public confidence in the political processes. It is in the bid to avoid further breakdown in social trust and confidence that the political office seekers must present evidence of their integrity and reliability. The details of how this should be done will be spelt out in the said voice of the people forum at Nsukka.

With high hopes and great enthusiasm the people are coming to hear from the horse's mouth. But is it not going to be a tale of woes? What will the political office holders tell us? Do we need actually to be told about their work? Do we not see? And can we not judge the situation for ourselves? We do not need even their voices to know that a good number of them did not do anything. They simply wasted the mandate of the people.

They rather enriched themselves selfishly. It is only a blind man that does not see that there is no oil in the soup. We do not need to tell a blind man that there is no salt in the soup. When one eats the food, one is in the position to know whether there is salt or not in the soup. The politicians cannot deceive the entire people into believing that they worked when there are no evidences thereof. It is agonizing that despite their very poor performances and zero representations, a good number of them are aspiring to higher elective posts.

One is quoted as having said that the waist that has had a cloth on, can no longer go naked. In as much as this seems to be true practically, it does not apply to their political situations of representations. The basis of continued representation in politics is not the ability to manipulate and tell lies. It is on the evidence of good works, respect for the people, service delivery and assurance of general acceptability.

Representation is nobody's family or clan patrimony. It belongs to the common good of the entire people. Especially in the democratic processes, representation is not a one-sided affair. Democracy craves for variety. And there is no one single politician worthy of the mandate of the people all the time. Proper democracy would wish other hands and competencies in the baking of the national cake!

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