Finding the Gate Through the Fence!

by Rev. Uche Dr. Obodoechina

Yes, 29th May 2015 has come and gone. The state Governors in most of the states of the federation including the President elect, have all been sworn in-into-their executive offices. The euphoria of the inaugurations is over. The visiting nationals from across the globe that came to witness the events of May 29th are almost home.

The former president along with former governors of states are already out of the government official quarters. One era has ended and another begun. Those who served well will always continue to reap the fruits of public respect and acceptance. Their names will always be revered in the lips of the people whom they served. They become models of public servants.

Back in their very villages and towns, they are being recognized and honoured as heroes and heroines. Goodness is indeed its own reward. But the opposite is the case for those charlatans who ruined their integrity with greed and avarice. They are those politicians who were called to serve in the various public offices but refused to serve the public but their pockets.

They thought that they will always remain at the corridors of power. They are short sighted. Their times have come and gone in shame. They did not deserve the people's confidence and trust. Though such men and women as these will occupy the dark pages of our democratic history, posterity will not forget in a hurry their misdeeds.

Finding the gate through the fence is the responsibility of the new government. As the euphoria of being elected and sworn into offices are over, the new crop of leaders must find the gates through the fences. They must bend down to work. That is to say, they must go into the offices and look into the files. One presumes that they too have agendas of service to the people.

They have also the templates containing the people's charter of demands. The onus is their own to spend time to seek and find the gates out of the fences surrounding them and the people. The fence in this context is the varied needs and problems confronting the people whom the elected men and women have been called to serve. Finding the gate therefore is to set the priority of service right.

It is to find ways and means of meeting the legitimate demands of the people. It is not about blowing long and intimidating grammar. It is scratching the people where it is pinching them. We have had enough rhetorics. And the people are confident that the elected men and women to the various political offices are capable of delivery on promises.

Otherwise the peoples mandate would have been in vain. Of course, it is not the government alone who are going to find the gates through the fences. Each and every citizen has a role to play. Good governance does not come from the blues. It is also not a one-sided- game. It requires the collaboration of all. But there are in our midst, great number of sycophants, who do not see anything wrong in the ineptitude of government.

They begin to sing their praises even for refusing to carry out their duty. These double-tongued men and women in our midst forget that the government is not doing the people any favour by discharging its legitimate governmental functions. The people have the rights to government services. Otherwise the essence of both the state and the government would be defeated.

But today is early enough. Each of the current elected public officers has at least four years to find the gate through the fence. The rare opportunity of service has been granted to each and every one of the elected public officers. Now the die is cast for honest services to the people. In case anyone is in doubt, the people's court of justice does not go on strike. It sits daily to take records and judge our performances. And at the end of the day, posterity will give the last verdict!

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