Gathering the Momentum for 2015 General Elections?

by Rev. Uche Dr. Obodoechina

We are at it again. The streets and all the water ways and high street corners are receiving fresh outlooks. The politicians and their hired praise singers are once more there. Billboards and posters of all sizes and colours are out at strategic road joints and urban centres seeking attention and support. The 2015 general election has begun to gather momentum.

There are meetings before and meetings after meetings. Men and women with obvious political desires' for one political office or the other have begun to do their wide range of consultations. The so-called stake holders and king makers are being looked for. You do not dare to nurse any political ambition without first clearing with the deities at all the party structures.

People consult the oracles and are made promises. They too make promises of what they can do if their dreams come true. Depending on your connections and the weight of your pockets, you would be told that you are already at the Lion building or at one of the most beautiful suites in the National assembly.

Politicians of very naive and untested experiences gullibly believe their praise singers that they are destined to lead the people. And you hear all sorts of useless expressions- you have been divinely chosen- ijebego- you are already there. And I ask myself, where are such men and women going?

Who told them that they can represent the people? Who are they? And what are their antecedents? Why are most politicians so gullible? Why do they think that they can deceive the people all the time?

Yes, poverty and the lack of food and or avarice are part of the immediate reasons for some of the praise-singing jobs around us. Most of our pot-bellied politicians do not bother. They forget that the people are poor not because the resources of the land are not enough for everybody. The people are poor because a good number of the politicians have stolen more than they will ever need.

People resort to singing the praises of charlatans who do not worth anything except that they have stolen profusely from the public funds without being caught. It is not because they have worked any better than anybody. It is only because they have stolen without any qualms of conscience. They are daylight brigands.

To quieten their consciences and have a little bit of inner peace they share their foreign rice and salt among the anawims of our society. The advice not to take from these robbers would fall naturally on very deaf ears. The goat follows the one who has the palm fronds, our people would say. And so the politicians believe that whoever eats rice today will not be hungry tomorrow.

Let it be said once again that it is not every goat that follows a man with palm fronds. It is also true that some palm fronds are not healthy for some of the goats. In the same way, there is that tiny percentage of our Nigerian populace from different walks of life, who have values and integrity for their lives.

Some of these are prepared to starve rather than wine and dine at the behest of these megalomaniacs. They stand for integrity and social neatness. They do not eat everywhere and with everybody simply because they are hungry. They have a command over their hunger. And so we are called to rise above the unbridled pettiness of some of our politicians.

We cannot continue to be deceived every time with such useless gifts of rice and salt that we loose the sense of our peopleness. We are a people of noble birth. God made us in his own image and likeness. We are not just empty sacks to be filled with grains. The politicians and their cohorts ought to pay attention to the great dignity that is the patrimony of every child of God.

The abuse of this inalienable dignity of the human person through the frivolities of politics of the stomach should stop from hence!

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