Goodness is its own Reward!

by Rev. Uche Dr. Obodoechina

Watching peoples and events around us, one gets the impression that our life consists only in what rewards and gains one is able to make daily. One gets the impression that doing good and telling the truth do not bring any reward. One sees people who do not do good prosper. People who tell lies seem to be succeeding.

The dishonest business man gets more money. Those who tell the truth in their shops get poorer. The 419ners get rich daily. The armed bandits ride on new cars at the display of their short guns at your face on the high roads. Dishonest persons of all calibre get on accumulating wealth and the honest ones gets poorer.

The more one makes efforts to tell the truth, the more one lands oneself into trouble. It seems the truth does not pay. And the people are not even ready for the so called truth. What is important is what works. It does not matter, whether it is true or not. The end is what matters. And it is to get money.

Those who ask about the source of the money are lazy people. Money is to be acquired to solve problems. As long as one is solving some or all of one's problems with his or her money, the source of the money is justified. Evil continue to triumph. And people do not seem to be worried about it.

Even when one grumbles about the prevalence of evil around us, one does little or nothing to avoid it in one's life and actions. We are getting used to doing evil, both at private and public, that most are no longer worried about the collapse of values in our society. Evil pays, it seems.

And goodness does not seem to pay handsomely. Even if goodness pays at all, it takes more time to reward. And one is not always ready to wait. We are in a hurry. We have tall plans of what to do and doing good without immediate reward does not help us achieve our goals. In fact our patience for doing good is fast elapsing. And we can no longer continue.

Yes, that is our experience in Nigeria. We cannot continue to do good without immediate rewards. We are not able to see that goodness is its own reward. There is no greater reward we can ever acquire for doing good to anybody or to our society, than experiencing goodness ourselves in our own lives. Goodness is its own reward.

It might be difficult to understand, but there is no other way. The joy of being able to do good to others is the reward for doing that good. When we do good to others, goodness is our reward. We shall be making costly mistakes to think that unless we are rewarded here and now, our doing good to others does not attract good rewards.

Our reward come in several forms and the best of the forms is to be rewarded with goodness itself. So let us keep on doing good to others and to our society today we have the opportunity. It does not seem we shall for ever be able to this. Tomorrow we may not have the opportunity or the good health and ability to do the good we ought to have done.

The regret for having failed to do the good we ought to have done and could have done, persecutes us more mercilessly than our enemies could ever do. And we can avoid this regret today, by doing exactly the good we can, and reaping the rewards of goodness thereafter. That is one of the good ways to your inner peace and serenity of mind.

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