Government appointments as compensation to facilitators of election


by Rev. Uche Dr. Obodoechina

It is usually expected that after the official inauguration of a new government at all levels of governance in a democratic dispensation, selections and appointments of persons of varied experiences and competencies are made to the various public offices of government. This is usually done by the chief executives in all the tier of government.

For instance, at the Federal level, the President of the country, nominates and selects for approval of the National Assembly the list of his ministerial appointees and other very high key officers of government. The same is true at the state level, where the state Governors select and appoint for approval of the state house of assembly the list of their commissioners and other higher officers of the state government.

And the finally the chairmen of the local government councils do exactly the same, by selecting and sending for approval of their list of Supervisory councillors to the local government legislatures made up of the Councillors elected from the Wards. And so democracy is a game of selection, election and appointments.

Yet the question of our concern is the criteria for the selection and appointment of such men and women for approval? We know in practice that the members of the local government legislature, the state legislature and the members of the National Assembly for instance, are usually members of the same political party of the chief executive -namely the local government chairman, the state governor and the president and they form usually the majority in the houses of parliament.

What therefore is the likelihood that the various legislative arms of the government will upturn the selections and appointments made by their chief executive serving the same political party ideology? Is the protocol of sending the lists of appointees to the legislative houses not just for formality?

It is our contention that appointments or selections of public officers of government must be based on definite criteria of excellence, competence and integrity that serves the common good. Government appointments to public offices ought not be a type of compensation to party members for their fraudulent practices before, during and after elections in favour of their political party.

It is evident in Nigeria that a lot of evil take place during elections. People kill and main in order to win elections. All forms of atrocities are perpetrated in order for a party to will the elections. For instance, ballot boxes are snatched away to unknown destinations. Election figures are manipulated and exaggerated while election results are falsified.

Political gangsterism and thuggery among the youths are fanned in order to achieve victory at all costs. It is therefore not surprising that when such victory are won at the price of human blood and dignity one expects a reward from the -would be chief executive, for whom all members of the party may have laboured. The result is obvious.

People of all kinds of connections, standing in the party, contributions during and after elections, etc. are selected and appointed for government public offices. Is it any thing surprising that the ineptitude in our public offices do not have an end? Is it surprising that the corruption around us is entirely systemic?

Let it be said loudly that as long we continue to recycle men and women of low quality in experience and competence in managing public offices and goods, we would be forever harvesting poor dividends of democracy. But what do you expect, when hooligans are said to be elected into responsible public offices, would they not find their own likes? God save us!

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