Government has Responsibility for Everyone!

by Rev. Uche Dr. Obodoechina

Belonging to a human society is one of the most basic characteristics of man. Man is by nature social and therefore belongs to a society of men and women. Societies are therefore ordered for the welfare of its members. Any man or woman who does not belong to a society is not truly human. To be human is to belong to a society of humans.

It is the organization of society that gave birth to governments. Governments do not just exist. Government exists for the purposes of the society. It has no other reason of existence. And therefore any government anywhere including governments in Nigeria, that worth's their names must have some responsibilities for its people. It seems as if we are belabouring the obvious when one emphasizes the reality of governments having responsibilities for its people.

Yes, but the situation is quite different in Nigeria and in other parts of Africa especially among the Sub-Saharan African countries. It is our bitter experience here in Nigeria for instance to experience one government after another living and working as if they are doing some works of charity to a people whose mandate such a government lives on.

There is no government that has an independent existence. Every government anywhere lives on the mandate of its people. And so when a government does any job, it is fulfilling its bounden obligation to the people. Governments are bound to serve the people in service delivery of structures and infrastructures. It is indeed the right of the people to be served with good and useful amenities for meaningful life in the society.

And the government does not need to be thanked for doing its avowed duty for which the citizens granted them opportunity of service. This is true in most developed countries of the world. Here the people hold the government to account for its stewardship. Services are rendered to the people without much ado. Governments are impeached for breach of statutory responsibilities.

As a result the government is careful and about its duties of service delivery. This explains partly the wide margins in the living standards of the people in such developed democracies and our shoddy life experiences of life without dignity under several profligate and corrupt governments. Nigerian government must learn to rise up to its duties of service.

The sycophants and miscreants who speak and write on the pages of Newspapers what the government wants to hear and read should desist from such anti-common good services. The government is under obligation to make life better for the people through human friendly social policies that translates into general good life for the people.

The enhancement of the rule of law for the common good, without exception that is to say-without anybody being above or below the law is another aspect of government responsibility to the people. Nigeria has a scenario where some citizens are over and above the law of the land. And the government do little or nothing to checkmate such frivolous excesses.

On the part of the people, they too, must be alive and active. A bad government lives and thrives as a result of people's indifference to the activities of government. If the people were awake and active, to challenge the excesses of government maybe there would have been a difference. But where the people are unconcerned about the ebb and flow of government, the government become more corrupt and insensitive.

The high water level of partnership with the government on the part of the people is to render a ground work of monitoring and evaluation of government activities and programmes and challenge oddities and excesses of government in the courts of justice. There can be no end to government indifference and profligacy in governance if the people seem to be running with the hare and pursuing with the hound! Enough is simply enough!

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