Just distribution of Resources as recipe for well-ordering of Society!

by Rev. Uche Dr. Obodoechina

Our Nigerian society including her towns and villages present us with pictures of conflicts and disasters arising from disorientation and restiveness among her teeming youth population. It goes without saying that a good number of Nigerian youths who are out of school in the last 7years or more are either totally unemployed and or are doing one queer thing or the other to come to terms with the demands of their daily living. They have gone through the schools. They are ready for the labour market. But the economy does not smile at any reasonable employment opportunity, despite the quality of education acquired.

Is it therefore anything surprising that violence among the Nigerian youths arising from poverty and lack of adequate means for sustenance constitutes the order of the day. Yet, it is not as if the land lacks adequate resources for her citizens. It is about unjust distribution of goods and services. In fact, the Nigerian wealth distribution experience is that of the rich getting richer every day, while the poor and the marginalized getting poorer by the day. It does not matter how hard one has worked and studied. It does not matter the quality of one’s certificates. It is rather a matter of whom you know at the corridors of power. Even those who are not better educated but are better connected are offered better employment opportunities in the areas where they are most ill-qualified and grossly incompetent. It is indeed a thing of shame that there are no visible standards of recognizing excellence and rewarding same.

Unjust distribution of national resources can only breed violence and conflict among the citizenry. In fact, Nigeria is an example of a country where the injustice of bad distribution of wealth and resources are at its peak. Even more pitiable is the fact, that the situation does not worry the powers that are at the pinnacle of governance. One begins to wonder what the business of government is, in the context of the well-being of its citizens especially the youths that constitute the large percentage and for whom the future belongs.

Does a credible government not pay utmost attention to the well-being of its citizens? It does not mean however that the government alone can attend to all the needs of its citizens; the social principle of Subsidiarity makes its ineluctable that every segment of the society has its own tasks and assignments to do for the well-ordering of society. Each segment and of course each group of persons and individuals are called upon only to do those things they are most able to do. And the higher bodies must not deprive the lower ones the opportunity and the ability to do for themselves that which they alone can do. It is always the onus of government anywhere and everywhere to provide among other things the enabling environment for the citizens to carry out their legitimate assignments and obligations.

The well-ordering of society is a collective responsibility of all the tier of government for its citizens. By well-ordering of society we mean, making all the apparatai of governance effective and functional. For instance, the justice system of a nation must be seen to be functional and indeed functional. If the rule of law does not operate in a country, then the entire systems collapses. There can be no good ordering of society in the absence of the rule of law. The rule of law ensures the equality of all citizens before the law. However, it is unfortunate that all citizens are not equal before the law in Nigeria. Some are above the law themselves and behave as such. The degree of immunity and impunity among Nigerians at the corridors of power is inexplicable. And this makes well-ordering of society almost impossible. This mentality of living and acting beyond the confines of law, must change if a new Nigeria of peace and prosperity will ever dawn!

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