Leadership is to guide Transformation

by Rev. Uche Dr. Obodoechina

What is the reason for the establishment of a state? And what are the functions of government? The state and government exist anywhere to render services and facilitate goal setting attainments designed for the well-being of its people. The integral well-being of the people is the rationale for the establishment of any government or state anywhere in the world.

Individual members of the society are naturally ill-equipped to provide for themselves all they needed for the good life in the state. Hence the formation of the state and government was consummated and ratified to coordinate and bring to a unit whole, the scattered efforts of the individual members towards their integral welfare.

It is against this background that any state or government can be judged. And it is obvious in light of the systemic corruption and ineptitude among the so called Nigerian leaders and government that the government is not serving the people. Most Nigerian leaders at the corridors of state powers do not yet understand that the government exists to serve and provide goods and sundry services to its people.

It is the service delivery of government that can bring about the desired transformation iri the quality of life of its citizens. Transformation agenda is not in the air. It is not a high-sounding vocabulary whose meaning cannot be concretely attested to. Transformation is about provision of goods and services for quality life and assurance of the people. And good leadership ought to provide basic services to the people whose mandate it enjoys.

But good leadership has always eluded Nigeria nay Africa. People have given one type of solution or the other to Nigerian leadership problems. That is to say, a lot has been diagnosed but not much healing has taken place. Everybody seems to know the leadership problems of Nigeria but nobody is prepared to do anything to solve the problems.

Followership is not too much of a problem if the leader knows the way. But when the crisis of confidence exists, between the leader and the led, it becomes difficult to sustain the trust. Many of our so called leaders have not really served. It has always been a case of the more you look the less you see. A lot would be said about leadership and the provision of needed structures and infrastructures but little will be done in reality.

The quality of life of the people continues to deteriorate. Promises would be made and none would be kept. People have lost confidence and trust in the government. The state and government do not actually exist for the people. It is rather funny that the people exist for the state. The dignity of the human person is not appreciated. And whoever that has no money has no dignity and intrinsic respect.

Money is everything and the poor do not count. Look at today the whole noise about election campaigns and the desire to rule among our political hawks. Listen to their thousand and one empty promises in the course of their campaigns. Nigerians are tired of such good talks without corresponding actions. The people cannot be fooled always. And Nigerian politicians have not understood the message.

But the situation will not continue without some changes. It is our confidence that leadership in Nigeria, sooner than later will take a dramatic turn, where services that transform the life of the people will be considered as index for followership. Only the people who are prepared to pay the price of leadership in selfless services will be given the mandate to lead and to serve!

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