Managing Election Victory: The Task before all Nigerians!

by Rev. Uche Dr. Obodoechina

The events of the general elections as of March and 11th April 2015 have come and gone. The general elections have produced victors and losers. Some are rejoicing while others are weeping. And that is the truth of life, namely that every form of competition will produce victors and losers. There is no way every competitor in a competitive enterprise will win. One person or a team of persons will always win in a competition.

In the case of a football competition for instance, only one team wins at a time. And so in any political electoral context only one candidate of a party wins in a particular instance. A political party can be adjudged to have won when its several individual members have won their various seats at the different strata of governance.

Be that as it may, when the victors have won and the losers gone home, something remains to be done, namely to manage both the victory and the losses in the battle. This requires a careful articulation and analysis of the situation as it is. Managing the losses and the victory of the elections are like two sides of a coin. They are both important for the peaceful life of the state. Managing election victory for optimal development is the preoccupation of this reflection.

Managing election victory does not consist only in congratulating the winners and blaming the losers. It includes all that but more. In the first place, managing election victory has so many implications. For the winners themselves, it does not involve only calculating personal loses and energy spent in the high and low exercises of electioneering campaigns. Neither does it imply immediately allotting positions of power without due concepts, or gratifying party loyalists and political fans who may have contributed in one way or the other during the hectic days of elections campaigns.

A good management of victory on the part of the victor begins rather with a feeling of deep gratitude to the people for the confidence reposed on the candidates that emerged victorious. This deep sense of gratitude impels the winners to ask the first basic question- of the wish of the electorates.

What do the people want? Why did the people give this man or that woman their political mandate of representation? Why did they vote for me? And how can one as a winner in an election live up to the legitimate desires of the people? The winner in an election must be able to find out, not just what his or her party ideology says, where party ideologies exist, but especially the wish of the people, for whose mandate the winners are invited to serve.

The wishes of the people are articulated in their charter of Demands. A sensitive government begins its operation by paying due attention to the demands of the people. And these demands are the urgent and essential needs which individual members of the society are not able to solve themselves, but for which the existence of both the state and government are justified. It must be borne in mind that the essence of both the state and the government is to ensure the welfare of the people.

There is no other higher reason of being for a state and its government than the welfare of its people. Fortunate are states and governments whose people are able to identify their needs and engage the government therewith. The government in turn will analyse these charter of needs in their priorities. The careful and informed choices of teams of experts, professionals and technocrats and other men and women of vision for service delivery to the people, determines the ebb and flow of a new administration.

It is also an imperative on the part of a new government to understand that not only men and women of their party have the wisdom and charisma to move the state forward. The truth remains that men and women of integrity exist everywhere beyond the barriers of party loyalty, religious affiliations and gender. In fact, nothing less than the best is good for our country!

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