More diabolic deities evacuated by Fr. Obayi

Rev. Fr. Paul Obayi on Monday 3rd March, 2014 evacuated some deadly deities from some communities in Nsukka. In an exclusive interview with Rev. Fr. Obayi after he deposited the deities, he revealed to the Shepherd that the deities were from different zones- Imilike-Agu, Obukpa and Aji.

The deity from Imilike-Agu, as Fr. Obayi revealed was not actually a deity but a charm formulated and activated to eliminate a family (name withheld). After the charm was said to have killed one of the family members, the family went to complain to Fr. Obayi and he took permission from the Bishop and got it exhumed.

Then, one of the deities was extracted from Obukpa and was said to be a money-making charm. It looked like coffins and had about 15 bags of empty Ghana-must-go tied with rubber band.

Talking about the third deity from Aji, Fr. Obayi said it was a family initiative deity whereby every child born into the family was initiated to the evil spirit. The deity looked exactly like a human being and the family worshipped it as their god and they believed that they could not progress without consulting the deity. After encountering so many harmful atrocities, one of the family relatives, Dr. Eze of Oil Well, went to Fr. Obayi for liberation from it.

Making reference to the book of Daniel, Fr. Obayi proclaimed that the demons in these statues have been slaughtered and the families have been liberated. He further encouraged people against delving into the relationship of initiation, charm-making or engaging in occultic activities because it retards destinies and endangers the soul.

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