We have a National Emergency ... !

by Rev. Uche Dr. Obodoechina

We have a national emergency. There is fire on the mountain and no one seems to care. There is evident proof that the center is not holding.

Things are falling apart daily. There is massive disorientation among the people. In fact, the political maggots at the corridors of power seem to have lost focus and bearing.

There is confusion everywhere. Almost all the sectors of the society are in abysmal dysfunction. Take for instance, the education industry, the pillar base of any development; it is in total shambles today in Nigeria. The endless strike action undertaken by the Association 0 f Senior Staff of the Universities has reached an embarrassing stage.

Royal fathers and mothers, men and women of good will and of course great people of integrity among us have not found it urgent to intervene. No wonder the impasse has remained unresolved.

Apart from the university staff strike, the school systems for the primary and the post primary schools have not shown any remarkable difference. Though there are no strike actions in most states of the federation but the teaching and learning exercises in these schools are not functioning properly.

Something is wrong somewhere. The poor performances in the West African Examination Councils (WAEC and the University Matriculation Exams) are indicative of the rotten standards in our schools.

Policies and regulations of education are not producing employable graduates. Graduates with long certificates of excellence roam the streets of our urban towns looking for jobs, that do not exist, and for which they are ill-qualified.

In fact, the educational systems have failed to yield the desired results. Our nation has an emergency it must address. Otherwise, we would lose the match even before the context could begin.

One important way out of the labyrinth is a playdoyer for a moral and ethical re-orientation on the part of the nation. We must all get back to the drawing table.

Each and everyone of us has something to contribute to the integral well-being of our Nigerian nation. We must begin by putting our individual houses in order.

As it were, the entire society would be clean when our individual homes are made to be clean. We can no longer continue to pass the bulle The bulk stops now at our tables.

We must either address the matter or we face the consequences of our omissions or negligence or both. A national emergency deserves a national response carried out at our individual levels.

Our individual competencies and skills, though diverse, they may be, are needed for the good of all. As a matter of fact, nothing can replace individual efforts and contributions in the task of re-orientating and refurbishing a new Nigerian nation. Today is the day, for tomorrow will be too late!

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