Nigeria Situation cannot remain unchanged

By Rev. Fr. Uche Dr. Obodoechina

Few weeks before the 2015 general elections the situation in Nigeria is simply unbearable. Life is at its lowest ebb. The government of the day is busy pursuing shadows. Anarchy and complete insecurity of life and property is the order of the day.

Salaries of most workers at both federal and state civil services are not paid, health workers at different states of the federation are on indefinite strike, the oil prices have fallen, the currency has been devalued, economic austerity measures are choking, the insurgency of the Boko Haram sect is on the increase, kidnapping and maiming of life of innocent citizens is a daily occurrence, empty political campaigns and promises for various public offices are going on unabated, political wranglings among opposing camps and parties are rife, rumours and speculations about Nigeria's disintegration in 2015 is widespread, and there is this general disorientation and a sense of hopelessness that looms large among the citizenry. One begins to wonder what the so called general election would mean. In fact, the prospect for a better Nigeria seems less tenable.

Yes, the situation as described above is precarious. Yet it must not remain the same. It must be changed. The devil does not have the last word. Neither does darkness rule over the light. As a mater of fact, truth will always govern falsehood and knowledge will forever rule ignorance. And this is the hope of the common man in Nigeria.

The oddities above associated with our nation building will not exist for ever. Also the mediocrity that has characterized our way of doing things and the systemic corruption in the rank and file of our Nigerian society will not last forever. There is always an expiring date for all these abnormalities. Yet things do not change themselves.

Things are changed for better by change-agents of vision. And you are one of these change-agents. Nigerian situation will change for the better through the sacrifices of such men and woman of vision like you, who would use their time and talent for the common good. The history of great nations has always borne witness to the volume of commitments and sacrifices of its patriots and statesmen and woman.

The collective enterprises of the citizens in service of the common good are the index of its development. No nation can develop above the well-being of its citizens. In fact, it is the well-being of the citizens that determines the parameter of its national development. The Nigerian nation needs gallant contributions of its patriots and statesmen for the needed socio-economic transformation of our Nigerian society.

To this collective national assignment, there is no contribution that is too small or too big. Each and every Nigerian is called upon to make his or her contributions to Nigeria's greatness. There is no one who is too poor that he or she cannot give something, neither is anybody too rich that he or she does not need anything from someone.

And so we are all cut up in the intricate web of inter-relationship. Our country Nigeria will once more know true peace, integral development and rule of law, when we all put our hands in the plough of the common good and refuse to look back in selfishness and deceit. So help us God!

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