No Government has the Monopoly of Intelligence!

by Rev. Uche Dr. Obodoechina

What a conflict that rolls into a disaster that has no end, in a family where the father of the family presumes that he alone has the only wisdom needed to decide on what goes on in the family, determines alone its -to and -fro and brings about all that is needed for the good of the said family, simply because he is the oldest member of the family and the family is traditionally said to belong to him? It is obvious such a father swims in a fool's paradise.

And that is the truth that does not apply to this family father alone, but to all men and women who ever think that any one single person anywhere and anyhow has the monopoly of intelligence. The truth is the same, for instance, for a professional parish priest or even a bishop of a local church who thinks and believes that he alone has all the wisdom and the intelligence needed for the overall good of either the parish or the local church.

It is even worse for a government, at any level of governance, to think and believe, that as a government, it has all the intelligence, the power and the rights to do and undo. The government like any other human institution must apply itself to the discipline of wisdom that makes its evident that no one single person or institution has all it takes to be the best of what it ought to be or to do.

We needed the contributions of others especially of those whose stake are involved, in the various areas and fields of their interests and competencies in order to arrive at that common good of all that serves the interest of each and everyone. The good of all is impaired and the reason d'Ítre of the state lost, when charlatans, be it in the family, or in the organisations, in the parishes, or even in the dioceses, in the various parties and even in the state itself, presume that only their voices and contributions are enough and thereby prevent the input of others.

Such exclusion as this can only spell doom for the state. Yes, it is totally disastrous to exclude the honest contributions of members of a family, of organisations, of parishes of local churches, and even of the state by anyone single member of such a group with the understanding that one has the sufficient intelligence to deal with all that are required to be done.

In other words, it is most devastating for the overall welfare of the people, when individuals in families, institutions and governments become grossly insensitive to the enlightened opinions of its members thus responding to its honest contributions with thick skinned repudiation. It is not to be underestimated the volume of violence hanging over the neck of such a family or institution or government like the sword of Damocles.

The situation reminds of the lapidary statement attributed to Mahlon W. Simwinga that 'he who makes peaceful changes impossible makes violent changes inevitable'. It goes without saying that any family or organisation, institutions or even the state that develops such tough skin of denial, against the legitimate contributions of its members is heading to ruins.

It is like a shepherd who has become deaf to the yellings of its sheep. Such a shepherd is likely to lose the followership of his flock. Let the Nigerian government at all levels of its operations understand this and for all times, that Nigeria belongs to all her citizens and the men and women at the corridors of power are so elected or selected for national service.

They are in no way super men and women. They too live within the limits of human weakness and therefore cannot possess any monopoly of intelligence. They will make Nigeria unliveable for all of her citizens, and for themselves too, when they think and believe that only their opinions are important.

When the government of the people becomes hard of hearing, it makes the citizens either to speak more loudly or to speak more violently so that the deaf may be forced to hear. Let us avert the evil of violent revolutions that results from making peaceful changes impossible!

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