Obollo-Afor Deanery (12 Parishes)

S/No. Name of Parish Priest(s)-in-Charge
1. St. Patrick's Parish, Obollo-Afor Rev. Fr. Martin Ozioko
Rev. Fr. Denis Alumona
Rev. Fr. Joseph Ugwuanyi (Residence)
2. All Saints' Parish, Ezimo Rev. Fr. Leonard Odumegwue
Rev. Fr. Cyril Ozioko
3. St. Mary's Parish, Iheakpu Obollo Rev. Fr. Paul Obayi
Rev. Fr. Christian Ugwoke
4. St. Theresa's Parish, Amalla Rev. Fr. Innocent Ugwu
5. St. Theresa's Parish, Imilike-Ani Rev. Fr. Oscar Ugwoke
6. St. Mary's Parish, Umundu Rev. Fr. Solomon Abonyi
7. St. Pius' Parish, Umezejor Obollo Rev. Fr. Chijioke Amoke
Rev. Fr. Anthony Ugwu
8. St. Peter's Parish, Ohulor Obollo Rev. Fr. Christopher Ugwuta
9. St. Joseph's Parish, Amutenyi Obollo Rev. Fr. Joseph Okeke Obetta
10. All Saints' Parish, Ulo n'Obollo Rev. Fr. Michael Ayogu
11. St. Michael Parish, Ugbabe Obollo-Afor Rev. Fr. Reuben Okigbo
12. St. Paul Parish, Igugu Rev. Fr. Andrew Eze


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