Partisan Politics and Election Promises!

by Rev. Uche Dr. Obodoechina

One distinguishing mark of any democracy anywhere is multiplicity of political parties. That is to say multi-party system is a hallmark of democracy. Different political parties with different political agenda and manifestoes are formed with a view to responding to the different areas of needs of the people.

But, there is no one single political party that is capable of responding to all the needs of the people in a single political dispensation. Thus, the beauty of democracy is the existence of so many political parties with different programmes of actions for the integral wellbeing of the people.

And the ability of the political parties to build a synergy in the dynamics of their service delivery to the people is an index of political maturity. In order to obtain the confidence and support of the people, political parties embark on electioneering campaigns.

Periods of campaigns are periods before the elections marked out for political party promises to the people. It is a period the political parties indicate to the electorates which services they would render should the people cast their political votes in support of such parties.

Partisan politics is all about politics in the mechanics of political parties. It deals with the identity and distinguishing marks of a political party. It deals also with the mission and strategies of the party in realising its raison-d' etre. Political party makes promises to the electorates for purposes of winning elections.

These promises play formidable roles in the life and operations of the party. Its integrity and public trust depends on how it lives true to its promises. In fact, a political party that makes empty promises to the people is not likely to succeed at the pools. Lies have short roots.

And when political parties live on falsehood, the basis of confidence and trust are ruined. A political party that has lost its public integrity and social neatness does not need to exist anymore. It has lost its essential reason of being.

But in Nigeria the situation is different. Political parties make empty promises designed to deceive the electorates into believing that the parties worth their salt. It is evident that the electorates have been deceived severally in Nigeria. People no longer listen to the rhetorics of the politicians.

It has been found out that no political party or their representatives' feel bound by any form of promises made before, during and after elections. It is most un-nerving that even responsible men and women of reputable standard seeking public support for political offices forget having made promises to the populace during their search for votes, when eventually they ascend to power.

The situation is actually worrisome when enlightened people who do not suffer from long or short term loss of memory forget so quickly their promises. That is also how they forget their roots and purposes in the parliaments of power when eventually they become elected. Democracy is on trial among us. And so, partisan politics and promises, for service delivery among our people leave much to be desired.

In the light of the ugly experiences of broken promises and loss of integrity among political parties and their Stakeholders, efforts at character and integrity transformations among them should be pursued. Otherwise democracy will not survive its trial in our land. Politicians must therefore learn that you can deceive some people sometimes but not all the people all the time!

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