Party campaign promises and authentic stewardship

by Rev. Uche Dr. Obodoechina

In the last few weeks, we have witnessed several political campaign tours of some of the registered political parties preparing for the forthcoming general elections in the country. The candidates of these parties for the different public political offices were presented to the citizens by their party stakeholders.

It was also an occasion for the government in power to present its score cards before the people's parliament for assessment. They narrated what they have been able to do and what they want the people to believe about them. Their interest was the public support on the grounds of its previous performances.

But they have not asked the people their own opinions. They marked and scored themselves. But the onus of judgement belongs to the people. In fact, it belongs to the sovereignty of the people to pass the verdict of history. It the people alone who knows who has served her interest at best.

No one is a judge in its own case. And the party in power, cannot reasonably be objective in its own matter. For the party in power, it was a campaign for support and for continuity. Telling us what it has done and the need for the electorates to support their candidates for the continuation of the good works they had begun.

For the other parties the story is different. The magnitude of corruption in our rank and file and the attendance penury among the people are sufficient evidences of their ineptitude and profligacy.

On the part of the opposition parties who wish to ascend the throne of power at both state and federal levels, the content of the campaign is another script. There were promises as to what they can do when elected into power. If dreams were reality, it would have been easy for them to promise us to replicate Europe in Nigeria.

They had sweet tongues about their love of the country and how they wish the best for the people. But the truth remains that references were not made at all as to how the elegant projects of ensuring security, employment of labour, creating of wealth base for the youth, and the empowerment of the people in the light of regular supply of energy, could be done in the context of the ever-dwindling of the oil value and prices in the international market.

It was not clear whether plans were on the ground by the party to shift the major wealth base of the country from oil to some other things. And how this will be realized remains your guess. The people were spoken to and were not allowed to speak with. And that is another form of intimidation, lack of respect and decency in the relationship between the so called government and the governed; a situation that impedes public trust and confidence.

Yet, true stewardship from the leaders are known and recognized not at the podium of party campaigns and their secretariats'. It is rather known and experienced in true stewardship concretized in good works and service delivery to the people. Political promises for the purposes of votes and support during elections do not bear the expected results.

Experiences have shown that most Nigerian politicians are not reliable. They do not keep to their promises. Promises are made by politicians, not because they believe in them but because that is what the people want to hear. But the great embarrassment comes when the government fails to fulfill its promises.

This is the situation in Nigeria, namely that party campaign promises are not kept. In fact, the struggle to lead is not yet borne out of the deep desire to serve but to loot and to aggrandize!

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