The fly and the fly-bottle!

by Rev. Uche Dr. Obodoechina

We are conversant with the picture of a fly got into a bottle. We know that the bottle is not the natural habit for a fly. Yet the fly for one reason or another got itself inside the bottle. The fly keeps banging its head against the glass in a vain attempt to get out.

The more it tries, the more it fails, until it drops in exhaustion. The one thing it forgets to do is to look up. If the fly had looked up, probably it would have seen the opening and through the opening it would have escaped to life and safety.

In the same way our country Nigeria is today like a fly got into a bottle. Nigeria is desperate to get out of its quagmire. Yet Nigeria cannot look up to see the opening to her safety and freedom. Instead Nigeria is busy beating about the bush. The men and women in power are busy talking of the next elections.

People are parading themselves as leaders of the people without any sense of sacrifice to show for such bogus claims. Political rallies and propaganda are being organised here and there when the situation of security of life and property among the people are daily deteriorating.

The government of the day is busy chasing rats while the whole household is being burnt alive. Things are totally getting out of hands. Look at the great bombings and killings in most northern parts of Nigeria for instance. The operation of the men and women of the Boko Haram group is resulting in nothing but pure genocide.

The killing of innocent citizens, the burning of churches and the occupation of presbyteries and seminaries, the abduction of defenceless school girls, and the wanton destruction of other properties calls for looking up for a way out of the labyrinth.

But one will ask what the Nigerian army and police have done and what they are capable of doing. We hear over the media that they are on top of the situation. But in reality they are below and under the satiation. We hear also of their poor arms and ammunitions.

One wonders what that means that insurgent group like Boko Haram has better and sophisticated weapons than the whole lot of Nigerian army and police. Does this fact, if it is true not call for a re-thinking of the entire process of nation building in safety and freedom?

One would ask from where does the Boko Haram gets its arms and ammunitions? Do they have the licence to import arms into this country? Or do we produce such sophisticated arms here? If so, does the government not have access to the products of its citizens?

Again we hear also of security vote in the Nigerian budget. What does this mean in practice? What is the use of security vote at both levels of government? Is it really possible that the government cannot equip its security structures and superstructures adequately?

Yet the government spends billions of Naira on frivolities. Now it is about electioneering campaigns. But what is more precious the life of the citizens or the greed for power? For whom is the campaign being made and for what purposes?

It is pitiable in the defence structures of any organization or nation, if the security outfits is to be under divided loyalties. Again it does not give the citizens any sense of trust in their leaders if the security of life and property of the citizens seem not to be the main concern of the government.

But like the fly in the bottle, the citizens must not resign in despair but only look up-to God and the members of the international community including the relevant world bodies for a way out of the present predicaments into that realm of light and freedom. So help us God!

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