The Nigerian Situation is beyond Repair?

by Rev. Uche Dr. Obodoechina

Nigeria is a great country. It is often being referred to as the giant of Africa. It has enormous human and material resources. It is the wealthiest country in sub Sahara Africa. But things are not working well in that country. Everybody is complaining. It is as if the land was caused by the gods.

Otherwise how can one explain that a country so blessed as Nigeria cannot feed its citizens? People are dying of hunger in Nigeria. Children cannot go to school as a result of poverty. Disease is everywhere. Malnutrition and hunger abound among the majority of the people.

Only the minority at the corridors of power are living in opulence. The government is corrupt. It does not care for the well-being of the people. It pretends to be pursuing a transformation agenda. It has not transformed anybody. Neither has the government transformed itself. The structures and infrastructures of governance are not transformed.

They are all in a state of comatose. The government is mired in systemic corruption. It is corrupt in its words and in its inaction. Its actions are not always misguided. And it cannot deliver on services. People are resigning to fate. There seem to be total disorientation and hopelessness among the people.

The nation has failed. And indeed the government at all levels of its existence and operation has also failed. But life in that country must go on. And you are among those remnants that are living and witnessing the collapse of the great giant of Africa.

The question is about what you can do and what we can do about the situation in Nigeria? Is the situation really beyond repair? Can nothing be done about the Nigerian situation? Though the debilitating factors are ripe there, Nigerian situation is not yet beyond repair.

It is not just hope against hope. It is something real that Nigerian situation is not totally hopeless. Something positive can still be done and a good result can also emerge. The first miracle that will do the rest of the job is your personal conviction that Nigeria is not beyond repair.

For instance, if it took a little number of boys to form Boko Haram and terrorize the entire nation and beyond, it can take a less number of willing and committed men and women of honour to reverse the course of events in Nigeria. The power of goodness is far stronger than the forces of evil. Patriotism is a force.

Personal sacrifice for the well-being of others is an effective instrument for the transformation of society. After all happiness does not consist in how much we have; it consists in what we are willing to share with others. When the rich are able to share with the rest of men and women of this country, we shall all have more than enough for our needs.

Our country Nigeria is dire need of such noble men and women who are able to share their resources with others. And when everybody receives what is one's due, life becomes more liveable. There will be greater justice and peace. Until then, we must bear in mind that Nigeria as a country belongs to all of its citizens.

No one single citizen is more important than the other. There could be different functions and status occupied by different citizens for the common good, but there is no one single citizen who is more than a human being.

It is our hope that the situation in Nigeria will experience a radical turn around when everyone of its citizen contributes from each other's resources. The making of a nation demands the tacit contribution of its members. Otherwise how else could a nation develop if the resources of its members do not constitute the enabling framework for a sustainable growth?

The situation of systemic corruption in Nigeria, for instance, will change when the society shuns the evil of corruption and turns a new leaf of transparency and social neatness in private and public matters. On the basis of such a changed attitude as this, the situation of Nigeria is not beyond repair!

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