The Significance of the Perpetual Virginity of Maria in Relation to

Maria Herself

Faith Issues by Rev. Fr. Oliver Onah

We have already shown that the Virginity of Maria under discussion is significant to Jesus himself (divine filiation), the Church of God, the Mystical Body of Christ (spiritual virgin and mother as the Bride of Christ and the sign and instrument of salvation in a corrupt world) and to eschatology (a preparation for, and a vision of the new life in the world to come).

One may also ask whether virginity is of any significance to Maria herself. Without fear of error, virginity is of great significance to Maria. The grace of virginity is of mystical order more than of moral order, of divine more than of human order.

It is an unquantifiable sacrifice to maternal fecundity and to the riches of the reciprocal gift of love between a man and a woman. It is directly in view of an exclusive belonging to someone who is the Supreme Good, God himself.

J. Gallot captured this view when he wrote that the virginal conception of Maria attests to the incarnation of the Son of God and manifests the Mother of the Messiah.

Gallot insists that Maria's virginal conception makes clearest her unique relationship with the Spirit of God which collocates her in such proximity to God by obliging her to remain pure in order to mean to our understanding this unique choice of her Lord.

It is not just an exclusive choice by Maria without any divine mandate. No! It is God who inspired Maria to this divine will. By this divine inspiration, God meant to express the duty of all her person to the service of God the Trinity.

That is why Michael Schmaus observed that her virginal life serves to express that she has to fulfill a function directly entrusted to her by God the Trinity and that leads to him.

She has no other task in her life. To propagate the false doctrine of extra births by Maria is to be crassly ignorant of her singular function in life.

Thus, Maria becomes at the same time, the image coined by Jesus Christ, of the Man who lives completely dedicated to God the Trinity for the salvation of the human family.

Consecrated virginity is essentially this, and it was for Maria in an eminent way, a gift of love, an offertory, a consecration, a sacrifice that is totally strong and irresistible to the extent of involving all the being of the person, not only the soul but also the body.

Such a total consecration in virginity made Maria an exclusive property of God, so precious, invaluable and priceless that no created being could claim ownership of her, the purest of all creatures, heaven-directed in all her endeavours.

The world in which she lived was simply for her, a stop-over in her pilgrimage to the heavenly final bus-stop. Thus, we cannot underestimate the significance of the virginity in relation to Maria herself.

According to Pope Paul VI, the choice of the virginal state on the part of Maria, which is the design of God, disposed her to the mystery of Incarnation.

It was not an act that was just chosen courageously, fulfilled in order to consecrate herself totally to the love of God. God was behind the whole check-points in the entire drama of her life.


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