The Ultimate Triumph of Goodness?

by Rev. Uche Dr. Obodoechina

One of the cardinal convictions of most world religions is that good and evil exist. That goodness will triumph at the end of the day. Looking at the way things are going at all corners of our Nigerian society; it becomes most tempting to question the authenticity of the above teachings.

Given the intense religious atmosphere that is prevalent in our society, one would have no doubts in the ability of religions to influence and shape the lifestyle of its members. Our Nigerian society is one with diverse religious affiliations.

It will not be an exaggeration to say that there are more churches in Nigeria than in some continents of the world. One will take it for granted that with the various churches and their teachings on goodness and upright living, the society that habours such churches will worth its salt in virtues.

The various teachings of such religions are believed to do the miracles of transformations needed in the day to day life of the people. Unfortunately, the numerous religious affiliations, teachings and devotions have not been able to change radically the life style of most of its members to what would be the expectations of such religions.

There have always been some loopholes and contradictions. And it is always sad, when the religions fail to produce the fruits of its own desires in the character and lives of its members, despite their teaching and preaching.

Yet there is this stubborn belief in the triumph of goodness at the end of the day. It is certain in the atmosphere of faith that evil has a short life-span. Goodness has longevity. The triumph of goodness is not only as a result of the conduct of religious men and women alone or otherwise.

There is a force that makes it evident that goodness will forever triumph. Just as light will forever rule darkness, and wisdom, ignorance.

While the inability of believers to live worthwhile lives, has devastating effects on the credibility of their religions, it is not sufficient as debilitating hindrances to the ultimate realization of the essence of religion at the deeper level of ultimacy.

God is not limited in the weakness of men. Rather it is in his strength and grace that goodness has an eternal value. And so goodness cannot be extinguished in the void of humanity.

It becomes a project to be undertaken, namely to live in the awareness that goodness will ultimately triumph. And so is justice and uprightness. Therefore, we must live in such a way today, as to be able to bear authentic witness to the great reality, that a tomorrow exists.

The world has a purpose in goodness and it is not a bunch of accidents. And because it is so, we must be more conscious of the fact that one good turn deserves another. Yet the prevalence of evil around us today with its short gains and fake promises must not deter us from striving to persevere in goodness.

The seemingly triumph of wealth, corruption, dishonesty and deceit around us, cannot have the last word. These vices that have disfigured the moral landscape of our consciences are but transitory experiences on the path of our great transformation that attains its perfection in the ultimacy of goodness.

People of all classes and religious persuasions are enjoined to stand their grounds in goodness and not be swept away with the current wave of systemic evil that blows us and the society no good.

At the end of the day, when the chips are down when the hour has come, and the darkness is swallowed up in blessedness, then the, triumph of goodness will manifest, and all who have persevered in its wings, shall be rewarded with nothing but goodness itself.

Until then, live and remain in goodness!

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