Urinating on the Rights of Others ... ?

by Rev. Uche Dr. Obodoechina

It is true that a new understanding has dawned about the awareness of rights among our people. It is also true that everybody is not happy about this development.

In fact, some people exist today in our society, who do not believe that every human person is a subject of rights. For people of this nature, human rights are not the prerogative of everybody.

Some have rights while others do not have rights. For them, some people do not deserve to have rights. At best they could have privileges but not rights.

For them human rights are meant for some special people. As a result of this type of mentality some people do not recognize and respect the rights of others. People of this mentality suppress such human rights as much as is within their powers.

In our expression, people of this nature urinate on the rights of others. This can happen anywhere in our society especially in the families, churches and in our institutions. And today, it does not matter any longer whose rights are being denied and violated.

People are indifferent to human rights abuse in our society. No wonder we are facing today a lot of difficulties in all ranks and file of our Nigerian society.

There is the prevalence of evil because good people refuse to stand against the widespread. The result is an avalanche of man's inhumanity to man. Yet the situation will not continue unabated.

It is our utmost conviction that a Daniel will one day come to judgment. And the situations of oppression and violence will give way for greater justice and peace.

But before then, something dramatic must happen. You must become one of the protagonists for human rights. And it begins with your family. How do you deal with right issues in your very family? How do you dispense justice? A vanguard for human rights must not be a part to any form of oppression and denial of the rights of others.

Even the rights of the child in the family are said to be sacred. And the peace of the family depends largely on how these rights are handled. And so if we want peace, we must work for justice. Justice in this context is giving each person what is one's due.

If there is anything that evokes immediate repulsion among people, it is the denial of one's due. It is called deliberate exclusion. The feelings of being consciously excluded in matters or things of which one has a stake, is about a grave moral issue.

In fact, nothing is as intimidating as being denied what one has a right over. It makes violent protests and resistance inevitable. And our society is today awash with rage and violence occasioned by reckless and wanton abuse of human rights.

For the future life of our society, we must all raise our voices, stand firm our feet, and engage our hands in the defense of the rights of others. It is about one good way we can reasonably ensure the preservation of our own rights!

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