We need your next dance style

by Rev. Uche Dr. Obodoechina

It is usual in our traditional set up to find groups of men or women, boys and girls either jointly or separately band together to form a dancing troupe. They usually invite another group whose dance is esteemed as the best in the town, to coach them. The dancing group spends time and money learning the dance in its several forms and styles.

It is one of the ways we keep social cohesion and general happiness in the village. When the learners have learnt the forms and styles of the dance, a date is fixed for the outing ceremony. It could take place during a great feast in the town or during a period of relative ease in the town. The outing ceremony of a dancing group is a grand funfair in the village.

It has the capacity of drawing people from even outside the village. Especially members of the village who reside outside the village depending on their connections with the group take part in such a great feast of home-coming. The outing ceremony event of a dancing group in fact, brings lots of sight-seeing, together and general happiness among the people.

On the date of the outing ceremony and at the arena of the event, people expect the new dancing group to be at its best; to display with gusto the various styles of the dance, and entertain the crowd gathered. After several presentations of the learnt forms and styles of the dance, the spectators would expect the dancers to display its next dance-style.

It would be odd and uninteresting for them to continue to watch repeated forms and styles of the dance already displayed. The spectators at the arena like Oliver Twist would want some more forms and styles of the dance that are new and engaging.

In the same way the citizens of this country are demanding new forms and styles of governance, people-oriented service delivery and youth-empowering programmes that are more fulfilling and enriching than the lip-service and the empty promises of transformation agenda by the POP led government of this country.

It is boring and sufficiently frustrating to continue to hear and experience an orchestrated propaganda for an agenda of transformation that has never taken roots.

We are tired of the endless promises of a better tomorrow, when there are no conscious and determined efforts in the present on the part of government to address the reality of paucity of structures and infrastructures, systemic corruption, anarchy and the dysfunctional rule of law in our land. Indeed, we need as a matter of urgency the next dance style of a good government.

It is not just the government alone; we are all called upon to change our forms and styles of living and working. It is foolhardy, always and everywhere to expect a different better result, when we have always done the same things, in the same way, and with the same method. No, the result cannot be different.

Our country Nigeria cannot change overnight, unless we the citizens change in such a way that the transformation agenda for the nation, begins with a radical ethical and moral revolution in the way we think and live even at the most intimate personal levels.

There are no doubts that the next steps, forms and styles of the new dance, as well as the provision of services in governance, pose veritable challenges, but the will to satisfy the spectators in the arena of display, and the citizens in the gamut of governance and service delivery, provide sufficiently the needed impetus and strength therefore.

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