We shall not be intimidated

By Rev. Fr. Uche Dr. Obodoechina

There is much violence in the land. There is also enormous blood-bath resulting from a thousand and one conflicts here and there in most parts of Nigeria. There is too much noise about 2015 general elections. The political parties are at daggers-ends with one another.

There is rampant carpet crossing from one party to the other. Every average Nigerian politician sees himself or herself as the best candidate for any public political office. Nobody seems prepared to step-down for the other. The result is obvious. There is bitter wrangling among aspirants to different political offices. The rage and anger in the airs is palpable.

In fact, vilification of character of party opponents and political enemies is the stock in trade. Accusations and counter accusations are leveled against one another. Political thugs and hireling are being used to carry out some nefarious activities against opponents. Speculations abound that people visit Dibias and Babalawos for rituals to undo opponents. Kidnappings of infants and even adults for ritual purposes are also rife among us.

The volume of confusion among the parties and their 'Stake-holders' is indescribable. There are even rumours as well as speculations that Nigeria will break up before or after the said 2015 elections. The common man in this country has no resting place. It is all violence and actions occasioning harm. As a result, there are real fears in the land.

Yet, the good and law-abiding citizens of this great nation refuse to be intimidated. Though the politicians are making life difficult for the common man, we refuse to be pushed to the walls. The politicians and all the aspirants to various political offices must bear in mind that Nigeria belongs to all of its people. And there is no one single citizen who is more important than the least. The land and her resources belong to all Nigerians.

It does not matter how some pot-bellied charlatans orchestrate their importance. It must also be borne in mind that 'there is a tide in the life of a man as well as in the life of a nation. We must not live today as if there was no past. It is always a mark of civilization to learn from the lessons of the past for the present.

Let it be said loudly, that Nigeria will survive 2015 general elections peacefully to the shame of all its detractors, the same triumph was her experience during the Ebola epidemic. The world thought that Nigeria will not survive the disease, given her usual Nigerian way of doing things, but to their greatest shame and embarrassment, Nigeria stood triumphant.

The Nigerian politicians as well as the detractors who are 'sitting on the fence' cannot have the last word about the fate of Nigeria. But one thing is yet to be done. All men and women of good will, wherever they are in Nigeria are expected to rise up as light shinning in the darkness, armed with the truth, and ready to pay the price of integrity.

This unusual patriotic service is demanded urgently at all the Ward and State congresses of the parties, at the various party Stakeholders fora, and in all the meetings and circles where the major political decisions are being taken for the corporate wellbeing of all Nigerians. Evil triumphs only when and where innocent people said and do nothing. The majority of Nigerian citizens cannot afford to stand aloof and watch a set of Cabals at the party offices and at the corridors of state power to further bring the nation to ruins. Enough is enough!.

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