What a Welcome Development ... ?

Today more than ever before there is a widespread of consciousness about one's freedom and human rights. In our Nigerian society for instance, one is gradually becoming aware that one is a subject and not an object of any system.

One is becoming aware that one's freedom and rights are God's special gifts. They are not gifts of any state. Neither are they gifts of any authority. In fact, our freedoms and rights are not even the gifts from our parents.

Are yet to come to terms with this form of emancipation that makes the subjects raise their voices about the things that concerns them. Usually people under authority do not ask certain questions in our society.

Even in the families, there are certain questions the children are not allowed to ask. Today parents are being shocked with which temerity some of these questions are being posed from no other than their children.

The same is true in the churches and even in the wider society of politics and economy. And as such these rights and freedoms are inalienable. They can be abused but they cannot be taken away.

In view of this emerging awareness things are no longer totally the same. There are little observable changes. For instance, today people have begun to ask some critical questions about what concerns them.

Be it in politics or in the church and even in our families, questions previously deemed unthinkable and never thought of and never asked about are today being posed with authority and expediency of an immediate answer.

Answers to these questions cannot be cooked ones. One has to be sure of what type of answers to give. In fact, not every type of answer is accepted today.

People are learning gradually to insist on what they think to be the right thing or the right answers. There is this strive to self-affirmation. And it is no longer business as usual.

As a matter of fact, the times have radically changed and the new era of greater self-consciousness has gradually dawned among us. Yet a good number of our people are unaware of this emerging reality.

Especially some men and women in authority in the families, churches and society People of diverse characters and motives have begun to feel differently about the situations of their lives.

And certain questions become inevitable. As a result, people in authority feel threatened and insecure. They were never prepared for such times as this. They did not expect such rapid development.

And as such they had no satisfactory answers ready. And yet they are not able to cope with the loss of loyalty coming from people who were previously under their tutelage, who now try to experiment on their freedoms to chart their own course of life.

We must rise up today in support of authentic self-affirmation among our people or else we loose the war irretrievably even before the battle could begin!


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