What do the Public Office Holders Bring into/ Contribute to Power /


by Rev. Uche Dr. Obodoechina

Elections, or selections, inauguration into offices of public services, appointments into different offices of stewardship and more are over -laden with great expectations on the part of both the people and even among the public office holders themselves.

Among the expectations of any people from its government are positive changes, greater services and voluminous dividends of good governance evident in the quality of life of the people. The people expect the best of good life and services from its government. And these expectations are legitimate. The people expect to be served by their elected leaders.

It is of course their right. They can also withdraw their mandate in case these expectations are not justifiably met. The channels of reversing its sacred mandate are many and varied and the public office holders are aware of this reality. The general elections and other selections procedures are examples thereof.

But it is pertinent to underscore whether the public office holders who have received the mandate of the people are in the situation to bring about the positive and desired changes for the good of the people? One would ask what are the pedigrees of those leaders to be able to do what the electorates expect of them? What practical or professional experiences do they come into governance with?

What professional qualifications or otherwise do they possess? And how are those qualifications to be translated into realities for service to the people? Do the parliamentarians for instance have legislative professional insights? Or are they just charlatans looking for the good of their stomachs? Are they educated in the processes of legislative representation and governance?

In what field of human endeavour are they operating? Where are they at home? Can a cashew tree produce a mango fruit? Can a parliamentarian, who is almost a daunce, be able to contribute meaningfully to the critical discussions on political and economic matters that will lead to wholesome policies? It seems we do not pay close attention to the specific competences of our men and women in the public offices.

It should be no longer enough that somebody is occupying a public office and he or she is my brother or sister, from the same town or village, or of the same religious confessions. These considerations are ought to be irrelevant in the context of the public office in question. Rather than theses form of criteria, what are the competencies of such public office holder? Can such a person deliver on his or job? Public offices do not run themselves.

They do not produce the expected results on their own. Such offices needed men and women of competence, integrity and the know-how, people who know their onions, to deliver on services. The times are ripe to look at the quality and make up of our men and women at public offices. We urge the government that should also be made up of people of integrity to possess in themselves those needed qualifications for services delivery.

The court of the masses should not rest on its oars against the compositions of government with nincompoops. The government properly constituted should enlist the services of good men and women with proven experiences, insight, and integrity; otherwise, we shall remain standstill in our daily quest for better life.

It is only a fool, who keeps on doing the same thing always and in the same way and expects a different result. When we expect positive changes in our society, we do not need to re-cycle men and women of tepid and corrupt antecedents for public services!

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