What you can do is enough!

by Rev. Uche Dr. Obodoechina

Today as before, the emphasis is on doing and getting involved in the ebb and flow of the society life, taking part in its activities and in those transformational enterprises that are capable of challenging the statusquo. It is about doing something to bring about abundance of better life to the people.

It is that refusal to remain idle with folded arms complaining and grumbling about the oddity of the society. What we can do is capable of providing that which is needed. And it is more than enough to do only that which one can do. In fact what one can do is like doing one's best to bring about the desired change. The desired change is possible when some actions are posited.

Nevertheless, 'doing what one can do, does not guarantee a solution to all the problems. Neither are we expected to solve all the problems. It is not our duty to solve all the problems of life and society. It is rather our obligation to do only those things we can do. No one can do that which one cannot do. But there is a satisfaction that one has done one's best. The joy that one has done what one can do is the joy that makes life liveable.

But why are some people not doing that which they can do? Is it of their own making that they are not able to do that which they can do, or are they hindered from doing that which only they can do best? And who does this prohibition? And how does the society look like when prohibitions of greater magnitude abound?

What is the situation like when members of society on account of their weaknesses and bad will fail to do that which they can do? Do we need any prophet to know that our society suffers a lot of deprivations and development-mishaps on account of the failure of some of its member to do their part in the gamut of society life?

Is it not evident that the aggregate. well-being of the society depends on the collective efforts of its members? It is axiomatic that when a few members of the society are conscious of their contributions to the well-being of society against a massive indifference on the part of the majority, the society will not be developing but decaying.

And the consequence of this self- evident truth is everywhere around us. Our Nigerian society is not what it ought to be, because a good number of its members are not doing that which they can do to improve on her standards. And the blame is ours and is also culpable.

The truth must be self- evident that what one is able to do is enough. It is not the efforts of anybody nor is it even desired that one single person can solve all the problems on earth. Rather, it is the responsibility of everyone to do only that which one can do. And this is enough. For instance, it is enough to show solidarity to others in the society with what one can do. No one is demanding anything more and nothing less.

Only that which one can do is demanded for ones' good and that of the society. The Nigerian society develops enough, acquires enough, and can distribute enough goods and services, when all its members in their skills and competencies do that which each and everyone can reasonably do. Societal transformation and well-ness of citizens is nothing short of an aggregate quality of life among its members resulting from the numerous engagements and contributions of each and every member of that same society.

Therefore it is simply enough to do that which one can do. And only that is capable of transforming the society in which we live. Let us rise today, with the freshness of the morning dew, and in newness of the spirit, to do only that which we can do, and the result of this seemingly little endeavour will surprise you!

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