Yes, we are at the verge of Despairing!

by Rev. Uche Dr. Obodoechina

Today in Nigeria, we are passing through very difficult times. The economy is in very bad shape. And the government of the day seem to be in total confusion. There is hunger and violence everywhere. Prices of food items and other necessities of life are skyrocketing daily. Yet, salaries of most workers in the local government services for instance are not paid for upwards of ten months.

The politicians in public offices seem to have forgotten their electioneering campaign promises of delivery dividends of democracy. Government offices and ministries are open at the whims and caprices of those who work there. People do not attend to their duties for one reason or the other. There seem to be extreme laxity among the workers: Traders are not doing better either.

Trade unions are meeting for strike actions and price increase of their goods and services. Even self-made and appointed Pastors of the new generation churches are not helping matters either. They are continuously seeing visions of doom and demanding pounds of flesh for prayers to avert the impending doom. Human tariffing and kidnapping are rampart. Ransoms of huge sums of money are being demanded and paid despite the piercing economic realities.

Fulani Herdsmen and their sponsors are everywhere with their Cattles destroying human life and properties without qualms of conscience. One begins to wonder again what the government services ought to deal with. In fact, one is at a loss, whether there is any government at all, who has a duty towards the common good of the people? And if there is, whether such a government in the light of such volume of dereliction of duty, has not outlived its usefulness?

Yes, most Nigerians are at the verge of despairing. There seem to be no light in-view at the end of the tunnel. The government at all levels do not seem to be on top of the situation. The short fall in the oil prices at the international market seem to carryall the blames. One does not ask of what goods the government have done when the oil prices were high.

Was there no time of excess crude oil? Has the corruption that bedeviled our public services disappeared even in this time of great scarcity? Does a wise farmer not do some savings of his crops and products in the time of plenty of harvest against times when the harvest will be poor? Does a farmer reap bumper harvest in all the seasons? It belongs to the intelligence and years of experience of a seasoned farmer to know that factors outside of him can contribute to poor yield once in a while.

The knowledge of this reality makes him or her rich in practical experience. It is therefore germane to know that rainy days ahead exist and this makes todays savings of products and services ineluctable. This experience is not peculiar to the farmer. It applies to all sectors of life.

On the part of the government that has the overall responsibility for the wellbeing of the people, savings in times of plenty should be taken for granted. Governance deals with prudent management of human and material resources of a nation. It is not just a protocol of carrying files up and down.

Neither is it an enterprise that ends at appearing on Agbada and receiving salute before an organized army or police troops. It is an enterprise in sincere services for the good of the people. It requires due attention and diligence. Unfortunately, this has always eluded our duty- bearers.

Diligence and dedication to the common good have always been the bane of our democracy. May God save us from their kleptomaniac hands, short-sightedness and profligacy!

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